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Bad request when accessing CIMC

While setting up a couple of Cisco UCS C210 M2 rackservers the other day (fine servers at a great value, thanks Cisco) one of them seemed to have a broken CIMC (Cisco Integrated Management Console, Cisco's version of iLO/DRAC). Trying to access it via a web browser just gave a "400 - Bad Request" and nothing else. The rest of the server was working okay but I didn't fancy standing in the datacenter installing it - I wanted the Java KVM to work.

Thankfully the CIMC wasn't all dead, it still responded to SSH and I was hoping to be able to update the firmware via the command line interface, knowing that I would have to find a TFTP server outside our lab (servers were already racked and ready for production except they needed ESXi installed). Interesting enough I found a way to avoid updating the firmware and still make it work, a long-shot but it gave me web access and KVM.

This is how (hopefully it'll help someone else):

$ ssh admin@esxi-03-cimc
admin@esxi-03-cimc's password:
esxi-03-cimc# scope cimc
esxi-03-cimc /cimc # scope firmware
esxi-03-cimc /cimc/firmware # show detail

Firmware Image Information:
Update Stage: NONE
Update Progress: 100
Current FW Version: 1.1.1
FW Image 1 Version: 1.1.1
FW Image 2 Version: 1.1.1
Boot-loader Version: 1.1.1

The server has 2 slots for firmware and it came installed with the same version in both. The long-shot I took was to activate the second firmware even though it was the same version.

esxi-03-cimc /cimc/firmware # activate 2
This operation will activate firmware 2 and reboot the BMC.Continue?[y|N]

And it worked, web access was enabled. Just to make sure I did the whole procedure again, reactivating the first firmware and web access was once again not working.

After web access was fixed I proceeded to update the firmware to a newer version as part of the initial configuration on all the servers just to be sure.

Note that all of our servers had CIMC Firmware 1.1.1 installed which was pretty old making us wonder how long our servers spent on the shelf before they were delivered to us. Judging from the manufacturing date it was more than a year. Our "new" servers were old already...