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HP 2810 Max number of VLANs?

Since it's not my day today I ran into a odd little problem when changing around some VLANs on a HP ProCurve 2810-24G switch. Using the webinterface (because I'm lazy combined with the fact that it actually works on the 2810 compared to the old 2650 switches where it doesn't most of the time) I encountered this:

"Yeah right, I doubt we got a switch ever with a limit of 8 VLANs". A quick Google for the datasheet  reports that this switch support up to 256 VLANs simultaneously. It's just that you have to configure the maximum number of VLANs manually and HP in their infinite wisdom decided that 8 was a good default. Fine so I just pop into the cli and reconfigure it then, as it was not available though the webconfiguration. Well, yes, the (re)configuration to a maximum of 32 VLANs was easy enough but to make the configuration 'bite' I'll have to reboot the switch, something that is always easier said than done in a production environment. /facepalm

Edit: seems that HP took this decision to save RAM in the switch (I think that was in the manual). A sound decision until you look at the memory currently used by the switch:

Our switch has 24MB RAM and of those 17MB is unused. ­čÖé

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